MP-2000 Automatic Metallographic Sample Grinding Polishing Machine

Short Description:

This automatic grinding and polishing machine is a double-disc desktop machine. It is a new generation of grinding and polishing equipment with high precision and automatic sample preparation process, which is manufactured according to international standards and adopts international advanced technology.

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Grinding disc rotation direction can be selected, grinding disc can be quickly replaced; Multi-sample clamp tester and pneumatic single point loading and other functions. The machine adopts advanced microprocessor control system, so that the speed of grinding disc and grinding head can be stepless adjustable, sample pressure and time setting is intuitive and convenient. Simply replace the polishing plate or sandpaper and fabric to complete the grinding and polishing process. Thus, this machine shows a wider range of applications. It has the characteristics of stable rotation, safe and reliable, low noise, and the casting aluminum base increases the rigidity of grinding and polishing.
The machine is equipped with water cooling device, which can cool the sample during grinding, so as to prevent the microstructure of the sample from being damaged due to overheating and the abrasive particles from being washed away at any time. With glass steel shell and stainless steel standard parts, in the appearance of more beautiful and generous, and improve the corrosion, rust resistance and easy to clean.
It is suitable for automatic sample preparation in the process of rough grinding, fine grinding, rough polishing and fine polishing of metallographic samples. It is the ideal sample making equipment for laboratories of enterprises, scientific research institutions and universities. This machine is easy to use, safe and reliable, is the ideal sample making equipment for factories, scientific research institutions and laboratories of colleges and universities.

Features and Application

1. New generation touch screen type automatic grinding polishing machine. Equipped with double discs;
2. Pneumatic single point loading, it can support up to grinding and polishing 6pcs specimen simultaneously;
3. The rotating direction of working disc can be chosen at will. Grinding disc can be replaced quickly.
4. Adopts the advanced microprocessor control system, which enables the rotating speed of grinding disc and polishing head adjustable.
5. Sample preparation pressure and time setting is direct and convenient. Grinding and polishing process can be achieved by replacing grinding disc or sand paper and polishing textile.
Applicable to rough grinding, fine grinding, rough polishing and finishing polishing for specimen preparing. Ideal option for the lab of factories, science and research institutions and universities.

Technical Parameter

Diameter of working disc:250mm (203mm, 300mm can be customized)
Rotating Speed of working disc:50-1000rpm Step less speed changing or 200 r/min,600 r/min,800 r/min,1000 r/min Four level constant speed (applicable to 203mm &250mm, 300mm need to be customized)
Rotating speed of polishing head: 5-100rpm
Loading range: 5-60N
Sample preparation time: 0-9999S
Sample diameter: φ30mm (φ22mm,φ45mm can be customized)
Working Voltage:220V/50Hz, single phase; 220V/60HZ,3 phases.
GW/NW: 125-130KGS/90KGS

Standard Configuration:



Inlet water pipe

1 pc.

Grinding/Polishing Machine

1 set

Outlet water pipe

1 pc.

Polishing textile

2 pcs.

Instruction manual

1 share

Abrasive paper

2 pcs.

Packing list

1 share

Grinding & Polishing disc

1 pc.


1 share

Clamping ring

1 pc.

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